Quick WordPress Review

Let’s start with one of the most popular CMS platform on the web today and that is WordPress. This platform will quickly bring out the entrepreneur in you!

What Exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is absolutely the most popular CMS on the planet today. The script remains in its roots so it’s stayed more of a blogging platform than a normal CMS. For quite a few years now, it has been updated and with it, there are now countless plugins. This is what has given it more of a CMS feel. The script is Open Source. WordPress is also the very first option for a lot of blog writers. However, it can easily be adapted to be used for developing basic and complex websites.

The Benefits of WordPress

Easy and simple! To get the best out of WordPress, you do not need to understand PHP nor HTML. This is in stark contrast to other platforms such as Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. Once loaded onto your server, the preinstalled plugin and design template allows you to set up the site fairly quickly. All you have to do is to select additional plugins or a design template and click it to set up. This is a great option for novices. It is also a very versatile platform to use for any type of site: a simple blog about cats (my favourite) to something as complex as animation or graphic screen and media courses online.

A Helpful WordPress Community

Anytime you need assistance, there is a huge community of users, who usually hang out in the WordPress forums. I have received many practical answers to issues I have had with my WordPress templates and they are usually spot on. Just like anywhere though, some of the suggestions don’t work but on the whole, most of them are very accurate in their knowledge of WordPress.

Design templates

In the dashboard of your WordPress site, you can see countless graphics design templates, that can alter your site’s appearance and custom showcases. You will soon discover that there both totally free and paid design templates. The paid ones are typically more advanced in their features, you can get help from the template designers if needed and they are generally more aesthetically pleasing in most cases.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has more plugins on offer than you will ever need. There’s a plugin for just about any function that you might want to build into your site. There’s a huge range of plugins that are offered free of charge.

The Disadvantages of WordPress

To Modify the Template, an Understanding of PHP is Necessary. Operations like eliminating a date field need some understanding of the PHP language. It holds true for the majority of such adjustments.

SQL Inquiries

Inquiries can be complicated considering that all extra non-standard fields that make WordPress a CMS, need extra syntax.

PHP Security

The script is not as secure in relation to other applications. All of it depends upon how sensitive the added material of your page is.

Tables and Graphics Format

Customizing tables or graphics format can be more complex than in other applications like Quick.Cms or Joomla.

Plugins and Performance

To take on Joomla! or Drupal, WordPress requires lots of plugins to be set up. Regrettably these plugins affect the script’s performance and not in a great way. Another issue develops when you have to pick a plugin for a particular task. Amongst all the countless plugins, the majority of them have their clones. Often picking the best one might take rather a long time.

Graphics Adjustment Needs Understanding of CSS and HTML

Although there are plenty design templates readily available on the homepage, the majority of them are really very similar. To customize a site to the way you want it to look, you have to understand CSS and HTML. Or pay someone who can do that for you which can be quite costly.


WordPress is a great CMS to build a simple site. It is among the simplest to use of all options offered on the web. It’s an excellent choice for a beginner. Advanced users that have more sophisticated requirements would need to set up lots of plugins to have exactly what they want. These are generally included with more complex platforms like Joomla or Drupal. But, on the whole, WordPress is my choice if you want something that is easy to understand, use and get some fantastic results. It’s actually quite amazing what can be done with this essentially free platform, and for e-commerce businesses this will have your orders in shipping crates in no time. Even if you are a 3D animation software business, WordPress can be utilized to showcase your services quite effectively without spending up big on a quality CMS.

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