How to Choose the Right CMS for your Design Business

Posted on June 15, 2018 by in Reviews

Whether you are trying to update your current content management system (CMS), or else you are a first-time shopper, the procedure can be very overwhelming. With all these platforms to pick from, how can you pick the finest CMS for your particular company requirements and goals? And just how can you distinguish the strong systems out there in the ones that are shattered?

CMSs are especially important if you are running an interior design business as they offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your work to potential clients. Residential and commercial interior designers love utilising such platforms as they are easy to update and have a large audience.

From exploring and establishing demos to comparing pricing and features and more; you have certainly got your work cut out to you. Here is what your company should consider when picking a content management strategy which makes the best sense for your company, along with your budget.

Open Source vs. Proprietary CMS

As of 2017, the hottest content management systems (CMS) are Drupal, Joomla, and Twitter. Every one of them are free, open source CMS platforms, plus they provide solutions for companies of different sizes and specialized experience. Simply because these CMS options are the most popular, it does not mean they are your only choices.

There are two chief kinds of CMS platforms, each one of which provides advantages and benefits based on what you are attempting to achieve, along with your budget.

Open Source

Open source CMS’s are able to be easily customized and modified based on your company requirements. They’re also upgraded and improved upon frequently with a community of coders, and therefore are free to use and download. The durability and endurance is a lot greater in comparison with a proprietary alternative, but safety is still an area of concern.


Proprietary CMS’s, on the other hand, are manufactured, modified and controlled by a single firm. This kind of CMS can be customized to fit the particular needs of the company, and typically involves access to your customer support department for help with monitoring and system installation. Proprietary CMS firms charge a licensing fee to use and make modifications to the machine, and may be a costly investment, however worth it if you are competing with the nation’s best interior designers in showcasing your work.

You may get an extensive collection of CMS programs to select from, with consumer reviews and opinions from a simple Google search.

We all know that’s a good deal of info to digest, so we’ve assembled a couple of straightforward pointers that will assist you limit your choices and assist you choose the ideal CMS.

  1. Understand exactly what you want it to do.

You will find CMS platforms out there that do nearly everything except make your coffee, also you will find many others which are just intended to offer an area for publishing articles. Without initially defining what you want or need most from a CMS, it can be hard to ascertain what’s going to work best for your company. Decide beforehand what you can and cannot do without, and will create the decision making procedure a great deal simpler. Selling beach style furniture, then an e-commerce site is necessary, getting your written work out there, a simple blog site is all you will need.

  1. Evaluate usability and functionality.

How many users need to get into the site, and what degree of technical experience do they have? Can it be utilized mostly by programmers or entrepreneurs? Make sure you get input from everyone who will use the platform when exploring your choices. It does not make sense to select a CMS which most your customers will have a challenging time functioning, or that is not customizable to satisfy the particular challenges of your company.

  1. Determine your budget.

Unless your company has an infinite supply of capital, you need to factor in your financial plan when making a determination. At the conclusion of the day, how can you warrant a high price CMS? If material management is a focus of your organization, then it may make sense to have a more intricate solution. Think about what you want the CMS to do versus what is wonderful to have. If it boils right down to making a last choice, be certain if you are paying extra to get an intricate attribute it will truly benefit people utilizing the stage.

Selecting a CMS platform can be a lengthy and complex procedure, but if you go into it knowing just what you need, you are more likely to get the best solution to your company. If you are planning to sell coastal furniture you will need to make your site e-commerce friendly and doing so may be a little more costly, however worth it in the long run.