How to Start a House Design Blog

Starting a blog may sound like a colossal task, but the good news is, it’s not. If you’re passionate about design and if you are a creative person; then you are bound to succeed in this field. This article will guide you on how to start a design blog, how to make money from it and be successful.

Why Start a House Design Blog?

You need a solid reason as to why you want to start a house design blog. The reason could be: to share your creative experience in design with others,  become a  property management specialist, get clients for your business, to sell your products to an online community or to establish yourself as an authority in the field. Whatever the reason may be, the end result always is to make extra money. However, you should not rely on this as your sole source of income right away.  Because if you fail to make money within the first month (which could be the case) you may end up giving up before you’ve even given yourself the chance to succeed.

Identify your Ideal Audience

When starting a blog, you need to create content that will be read. Therefore, your first task will be to establish who will be your ideal audience. It could be a stay at home mums, students, or interior designers.  Your audience will help you determine what type of content you will share with them.

Narrow to your Expertise

With a lot of information on the internet about house design, it will be hard to stand out if you’re a jack of all trades.  Therefore, you need to niche down to your area of specialization to stand out as an expert. This could be property investment strategies, in-home designs or home décor. Once you niche down to your area of expertise, you will find your voice and write about the topics you love. 

Blog post Ideas to Incorporate 

One big hurdle you will experience when running your blog will be having a consistent flow of ideas that you will share with your audience. Therefore before you blog, you need to identify categories that you will be writing on. This could be; DIY tutorials, trends in the market, decorating, creative design processes, etc.  

Once you decide on your blog categories, you need to remember the following when writing your blog posts:

  • You need to Solve your Audience Problem

Your blog readers will come to read your posts so that they can solve a problem affecting them. Therefore, put in mind their question and when writing a blog post, provide a solution.

  • Help your audience do something new

Most people love how-to- tutorials that teach how to do something new by yourself. Improve the lives of your audience by showing them things you find easy.

  • Be Entertaining

No one likes reading a boring piece of work. Infuse personality and humour in your posts so that you can be memorable to your audience.


Technically building your blog 

With a lot of free help and recommendation, building your blog should not be a daunting task. First, if you are starting and would like to test the waters of the online world, there are several free sites you can choose. This includes; wordpress, squarespace, tumblr, wix and blogger.  However, if you want to run a business site shun from free sites and host your blog. 

This is what you will need: a domain name that will be your online identification it may run like, Most people choose their names for a start because they may wish to change in the future. Similarly, you could choose a name that goes in hand with the niche your blog will be covering.

Next, you will have to choose your platform of choice, all platforms have their merits and demerits; however, most people prefer WordPress, and you could opt to go on that route too.

Once you have selected a platform, you will be required to choose a hosting company. WordPress has several hosting companies you can choose, scour their packages and choose what fits you. 

Finally, you will have to choose a theme, this you may find freely, or you may opt to purchase one.  You’re now set to start blogging!